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Educational projects

A brush, a sheet, few colours - what else children might need to start drawing? To make a couple of drawings it's enough, but to do something more, to create a small piece of Art then please add some more colours, clay for ceramic, colourful fabric, music CDs, mosaic, glass beads, but the most important thing is to find people who support the idea – people for whom the idea that the children might actually do a ceramic relief is not absurd (link). I know that kids can create mosaics to decorate a railway station of a town (link), if you direct them correctly. Children in general work better than adults, for them Art is an essential part of their life.

Denys Savchenko. Artistic Workshops

Artistic Workshops

“Presepe” made by children

Denys Savchenko. International Mus-e project

International Mus-e project

Denys Savchenko. Educational projects. Project “Voices of Palace”

Project “Voices of Palace”

In collaboration with the National Gallery “Palazzo Spinola” and the Conservatory Niccolo Paganini of Genoa

Denys Savchenko. Music and Visual Arts project

Project: “Music and Visual Arts”