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2016 - Master Degree in Art Education. Linz Art University (Linz, Austria)

2007 - Master Degree in Decoration at the Ligurian Academy of Fine Arts (Genoa, Italy)

2001 - Master Degree in Monumental Painting at the National Academy of Visual Arts and Architecture (Kyiv, (Ukraine). Laboratory of Sacred Art of Professor, Academician M.A. Storozhenko

1995 - Degree in  Art Education at the Institute of Fine Arts in Odesa (Ukraine)

Important works:

Realization of the "Mandylion"(Image of Edessa), cold encaustic on the wall, at the St. Nikola Prytyska's church (Kyiv)

Restoration and decoration of the ceiling in the monastery of the Sisters Servants of Mary (link)

Realisation of a series of paintings dedicated to the saints of Genoa for the Santa Teresa of Baby Jesus church (Genoa, Italy) (link)

Decoration works:

Interior and exterior murals using both traditional materials such as natural lime and pigments and the most modern composite: tempera, silicates, oil, cold encaustic, the restoration of stucco decorations, gilding using both imitation of gold leaf and the real gold leaf, silver, copper; various special effects such as painting on gold leaf, wood imitation, marble imitation, trompe l'oeil.

Teaching experiences:

In years 1998-2004 organised in Kiev different artistic workshops for children and families in collaboration with National Academy of Fine Arts, National Conservatory, Waldorf school and Montessori school.

In years 2004-2014 Denys has also been organising art workshops and classes for children and adults in Italy in collaboration with National Gallery Palazzo Spinola, Conservatory Niccolo Paganini (Genoa), Ligurian Academy of Fine Arts, Palazzo Ducale Foundation, International Mus-e Project, different cultural associations.

Since 2014 workshops and art projects in Austria collaboration with: Landestheater Linz, “Freunde des Linzer Musiktheaters” association, Linz International School Auhof, and so on. See: Educational projects and Artistic Workshops.

Since 2016 Art Teacher at the Linz International School Auhof.

The most interesting educational projects undertaken:

Ceramic Workshops for children: besides working with small ceramic forms (link), we have realized a big reliefs in ceramic on the themes of landscapes for the Bonassola's Railway Station (link).

Mosaic Workshops for children: creation of the mosaics for Bonassola's Railway Station (link)  

The performance "Man sapiens" at Chiabrera  Theatre (Savona, Italy), where more than 220 children participated. Besides the performance children painted 5 linen panels (4 Side panels of 1m x 6m, and 1 Central panel of 5m x 6 m) for a scenography. Each child did a painting that formed part of the whole. Once completed the work we put almost 2 weeks to sew the sets.

A collection of songs "From the land where I was born", in 12 classes we have collected, recorded, elaborated and mastered on CD more than 200 songs in Italian dialects and languages ​​of the world (about 20% of children were foreign). We created a small book with the songs chosen and drawings made ​​by children.

Multimedia project - the creation of small movies, with the use of video collage and animation. The children wrote stories, did the drawings that afterwards we have used as a scenography, created the costumes for the characters and they themselves were the protagonists of the stories. The images were taken on a green screen that during mounts were replaced with their drawings. The results were 6 small movie where children lived their stories in their own drawings along with the characters that have drawn.(Link)